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Live Like Marilyn

If you’re looking to stay somewhere with a retro feel the Palm Springs Rendezvous Hotel is just what you need. The hotel famously was a favourite stay of Marilyn Monroe.

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You’re In A Real Suite When You Have Stairs

Here at Suitetrip we try our best to find the most famous, best looking and rarest of suites from around the world. From London homes to tropical hotels to New York penthouses, there is also one thing that can really make a suite stand out: the humble staircase. Any time we find a luxury pad and see that there is a staircase taking you to a whole other level, that’s when you really now you’re in a designer suite. In today’s blog posts, we’re going to look at some examples of luxury staircases.

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Getting Presidential

Feeling presidential? If so, for $15000 a night you can act like the leader of the free world in the Presidential Suite at the Mandarin Hotel, Washington DC.

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